• 1952

    Ernst & Engbring OHG is founded by engineer Heinrich Ernst, electrical engineer Herbert Engbring and businessman Manfred Engbring at Westerbachstraße 23, a residential area in Oer-Erkenschwick. At the time, the company was still producing silk enamelled wires and stranded wires for the telephone industry.

  • 1955

    First plastic extruder, high frequency (HF) ribbon cables could be manufactured.

    5 Employees

  • 1957

    Construction of a manufacturing hall and offices on the first floor of the residential building. Additional plastic extruders, stranding and braiding machines. Production of multi-core cables with copper or steel braiding for the Federal Post Office, telephone construction and the television industry.

  • 1965

    Further production halls and social buildings were built. For this purpose, the acquired building at Westerbachstraße 7 is demolished.

    60 Employees

  • 1968

    Continue as GmbH and Co. KG

  • 1970

    2,000 m² had to be rented as storage space. The machine park was expanded, partly built in the company's own workshops and equipped with modern electronics.

    120 Employees

  • 1971

    After the space in Westerbachstraße was completely exhausted, negotiations with the city of Oer-Erkenschwick followed. A 15,000 m² plot in Industriestraße was finally obtained for a 5000 m² planned factory building, so that there was room for possible expansion. At that time, the plant was the most modern of its time and, among other things, equipped with a sprinkler system. H. Ernst retired from the management, now J. Ernst is the managing director.

    150 Employees

  • 1977

    After two extensions, the site now covers 26,500 m². The building now covers 7,000 m² with modern social rooms and a new quality assurance area.

  • 1981

    Construction of two more halls so that the built-up area now amounts to 8,600 m².

  • 1992

    The plot of land is now 37,000 m². The administration building has been extended so that the built-up area is 9,500 m², of which 8,000 m² are factory buildings.

  • 1999

    Takeover into the Dutch TKH Group N.V. Haaksbergen. However, nothing will change for the approximately 190 employees, as E&E is to remain autonomous. The takeover is merely intended to enable TKH to enter the specialty cable market.

  • 2001

    Construction of a further 4,000 m² production hall - so that the production area now amounts to 12,000 m².

  • 2003

    Expansion of systems engineering and focus on new technologies: In-house cleanroom-like, high-precision miniature production at 700 m².

  • 2007

    Miniature and Systems Engineering move into their own production facilities. Miniature production gets its own self-contained production hall on the factory premises The Systems Engineering department moves to Auguststrasse.

  • 2008

    Opening of another cable plant, at that time the most modern in Europe, in the Brandenburg Forest over 5,000 m².

  • 2011

    Continuation as GmbH

  • 2014

    New construction of the warehouse and expansion of the miniature production by 4,000 m².

  • 2015

    Appointment as Managing Director: Sebastian Scharfen (CEO)

  • 2017

    Appointment as Commercial Director: Colin Fersen (CFO)
    Opening of the EEU branch plant over 3,500 m² in Ukraine.

  • 2018

    Opening of the EEZ branch factory in Zhangjiagang (China). With over 10,000 m² of floor space and the option to expand by a further 10,000 m².

  • 2023

    Opening of EEP branch plant in Rawicz near Leszno (Poland) over 10,000 m².

    > 600 Employees

The development of the logos of E&E

Erst und Engbring had always been closely associated with the town of Oer-Erkenschwick, because as an up-and-coming company, you could often read about E&E in the local Stimberg newspaper. After all, E&E would eventually become Oer-Erkenschwick's largest industrial enterprise. Not surprisingly, the original logo contained three Es, which meant Ernst - Engbring - Erkenschwick.
At some point, the middle E then became a hybrid of an E-flat and an ampersand before finally being replaced by a full cable shape.

It was not clear from the names of the founders, Ernst and Engbring, that the company was a cable manufacturer. So they decided to add the name "Kabeltechnik".

After years of success and entry into the international cable market, they settled on an English name. Since then, E&E has been known as Cable Solutions.


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