Flat and Round Cables – a whole range of customized solutions

Abisolierte Kabel und Kabel mit Netzsteckverbindern

E&E Kabeltechnik develop and manufacture a broad range of customized flat and round cables. The flat cables in particular are used for applications which involve continuous movement, for example in industrial automation (pick-and-place machines).

Hybrid flat ribbon cables

With their decades of experience, E&E Kabeltechnik produce cables with multipolar elements, both with and without any demands on grid dimensions. The combination of very different elements such as coaxes, wire pairs, bundles, tubes, CAT-wires and/or fibre-optic cables makes tailor-made special cables unique.

Ready-to-install assemblies

All flat cables can be produced as a laminate and/or plug-and-play. Such solutions produce savings in time and costs.


  • Medical Technology
  • Machine and Plant Engineering
  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics/Robots
  • Measurement and Control Technology
  • Maritime Applications
  • Audio- and Video Technology
  • Traffic Technology   
  • Special Applications

Customer benefits

  • Tight bending radii
  • Hybrid designs
  • With integrated strain relief
  • Can withstand high levels of mechanical stress
  • Reverse bending and/or torsion-proof
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Extruded or laminated
  • Miniaturized
  • Spiralized
  • Plug-and-play
  • Customized jacket color
  • Customized printing

Do you have any questions? Our developers and engineers will work with you to find the right cable solution for your application. Please get in touch with us!