Drag chain cables - Designed for high moving applications

Schleppekettenkabel mit Steckverbindern
Ernst & Engbring develops and manufactures a wide range of customer-specific special cables for use in drag chains. These cables are specially designed for applications with high movements. This includes in particular signal and data transmission.

Drag chain cables - Small bending radii and long service life

When using drag chain cables, the smallest possible bending radius is just as important as a long service life. Due to the special areas of application, the cables must also be able to withstand particularly adverse conditions. They are therefore very temperature-resistant and insensitive to common chemicals used in industrial environments.

Drag chain cables - Long lengths and extreme bending fatigue strength

Our drag chain cables meet the high requirements of modern mechanical and plant engineering as well as those of process automation and industrial electronics. We also successfully implement particularly demanding projects. Customer-specific trailing cables, for example, can be up to 200 m long and can withstand bending cycles of up to 400 million cycles - depending on the application.

Drag chain cables - Benefit from our extensive expertise

As already mentioned, drag chain cables are used for different industries and have to fulfil different tasks. We are experts for a wide variety of cables: From flat cables to miniature cables and hybrid cables to robotic cables, we have know-how and experience. This enables us to implement a wide variety of cable types according to your specifications as drag chain cables. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss your specific requirements.


  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Trucks/Forklifts
  • Energy Chains or Trailing Chains
  • Machine Tooling
  • Robotics/Robots
  • Specific or Niche Applications

Customer benefits

  • Abrasion proof
  • High resistance to reverse bending stress
  • Strain relief and compression-proof
  • Robust
  • Notch-resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Thermally highly resistant
  • Customized printing

Do you have any questions? Our developers and engineers will work with you to find the right cable solution for your application. Please get in touch with us!