Cables for robotics

Kabelanwendung Robotik blaues Auto

High mechanical strength, safe data transmission and extreme resistance to bending cycles - cables for robotics must reliably deliver top performance. This is why it is essential for manufacturers of modern robot technology to rely on efficient solutions in this field. As an experienced supplier, Ernst & Engbring has already developed a high number of customer-specific cables for robotics.

Cables for robotics - Extreme resistance to torsion and bending cycles

Robots carry out work that humans can´t do. It can be because of unfavourable weather conditions, because of an acute danger situation or because human motor skills reach their limits. However, regardless of the underlying requirements, in all cases robotic cables must be extremely resistant to torsion and bending cycles. The reasons are obvious: the robot must perform demanding motor movements with the highest precision. This is only possible with an appropriately flexible cable solution.

Cables for Robotics - Durable and application-specific

Robots are also often used to carry out standardized processes in high frequency for a long period of time. One example is assembly line production. In order to make full use of the potential of this production method - i.e. low manufacturing costs - companies must use reliable robots with a long service life. Unexpected failures as a result of a malfunction or defect, on the other hand, lead to horrendous costs. This is why we produce particularly durable cables with high numbers of cycles for robotics. In this way, we secure valuable competitive advantages for our customers by helping to minimize production interruptions.

Cables for robotics quickly assembled

With our cables for robotics, we do not only pay attention to optimum material and high-quality application properties. We also keep an eye on assembly. That's why we design our cable solutions as so-called hybrid cables. Here we bundle the different cables under a common cable sheath. Upon customer request, we also offer our hybrid cables as ready-to-install assemblies so that you can cable your robots in a space- and time-saving manner.
Do you have any questions about our cables for robotics? Then please do not hesitate to contact our experts.


  • 3D-Applications of all kinds
  • Industrial and lightweight Robots
  • Industrial Communication
  • Factory Automation
  • Identification Systems
  • Palletisers
  • Sensor Technology
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Intelligent Imaging
  • Handling Systems

Customer benefits

  • Long transmission lengths possible
  • Very safe data transmission
  • Can withstand high mechanical loads
  • Customized jacket colour/printing
  • Plug-and-Play and/or spiralized
  • Specific solutions
  • Prototyping possible
  • Small batch quantities or large series
  • Miniaturized products

Do you have any questions? Our developers and engineers will work with you to find the right cable solution for your application. Please get in touch with us!