Powerful Data Solutions

Abisolierte Kabel bunt

E&E cable technology offers standardized and individual data cables for all specific applications. Thanks to the optimized structure of the cables, the uniform twisting of the insulation and the top-class shielding, our cables can transmit high data rates over both short and long distances. Depending on their structure they can be laid either as fixed or as flexible cables.

Designed for extreme loads

Bus lines in the ethernet range are becoming more and more important. We can offer you data solutions from CAT.5 and CAT.5e through CAT.6A to CAT.7. The network cables are suitable for moving applications and are characterised by reliable stability over long lifetimes, even under tensile stress. We can deliver various designs ex warehouse or assembled.


  • tooling machines
  • monitoring of machinery and tooling
  • automation technology/robotics
  • handling systems
  • sensor technology
  • instrumentation and control
  • mechatronics
  • intelligent image processing
  • safety technology

Customer benefits

  • application-specific cables and cable systems
  • suitable for internal and external use
  • customized jackets
  • shielded
  • resistant against oils and coolants
  • flame resistant and halogen-free
  • resistant to hydrolysis and microbes
  • accredited VDE (Association of German Engineers), UL and CSA
  • obtainable in various AWG sizes

Do you have any questions? Our developers and engineers will work with you to find the right cable solution for your application. Please get in touch with us!