Hybrid Cables / "All-in-one" Cables


Do you want to avoid “cable clutter” and need many different elements under one jacket? You are in good hands with special cable manufacturer E&E Kabeltechnik! The development and production of tailor-made hybrid or "all-in-one" cables is part of our daily business.

Hybrid cables: the combination of several very different elements in one cable

We can combine very different functions in our hybrid cables, such as copper wires, fibre optic cables, coaxes, shielded pairs, hoses/tubes for hydraulics/pneumatics and/or BUS cables together with data, control or supply cables and wires. The composite systems cables can be high tensile, EMC-optimized or resistant to a wide range of media.

Space-saving cable design with small outer diameters

A compact cable design means that the outer diameters are small. This leads to easier handling and reduces the amount of material needed.

Quicker installation thanks to ready-to-use harnesses

Almost all E&E Kabeltechnik hybrid cables can be designed and supplied as plug-and-play systems. This means that our customers get everything from one single supplier and save time and money.
Please take a look at our latest article on “Hybrid cables in medical technology”.


  • Medical Technology
  • Machine and Plant Engineering
  • Automation
  • Robotics/Robots
  • Measurement and Control
  • Imaging/Vision Systems
  • Cameras
  • Maritime Applications
  • Special Applications

Customer benefits

  • Optimized insulation and jacket materials
  • Available with strain relief
  • Robust and/or highly-flexible
  • Can withstand high mechanical loads and/or are non-crush
  • Resistant to aggressive ambient media
  • Torsion and resistant to reverse bending
  • EMC-optimized
  • Low total weight
  • resistant to welding spatter
  • can be used in trailing/energy chains
  • Small dimensions = easier installation

Do you have any questions? Our developers and engineers will work with you to find the right cable solution for your application. Please get in touch with us!