Development partner for laminated High Flex Flat Cables

Others see problems, we discover solutions

As a development partner for laminated flat cables, we support customers worldwide from product design through production to after-sales. We are specialized in realizing customer-specific solutions for particularly demanding applications. As a manufacturer of high flex flat cables, we focus on individual products, which we produce completely in-house. 

In this way, we can guarantee our high quality standards even at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Your advantages with E&E as a development partner

  • Complete solutions from a single source
  • Laminated flat cables according to your specific requirements
  • Guaranteed high quality due to in-house production
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Flexible and efficient workflows
  • Experience in numerous industries

High Flex Flat Cables for demanding industries

Our laminated flat cables convince with many advantageous properties. They are space-saving, lightweight and allow up to 400 million bending cycles on the smallest radius. In addition, they are abrasion-resistant, designed for an extreme temperature range and have high sliding properties.

This makes us an established partner for various industries as a manufacturer of laminated flat cables.

  • Medical Technology
  • Pick & place applications
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Military
  • Aerospace

Medical Technology Laminated flat cables offer decisive advantages for medical technology and can transmit a large amount of information in a very small space. This is a major added value, especially in the field of modern diagnostics.
Medical Technology
Pick-&-place applications In pick and place applications, reliable function is crucial. Our laminated flat cables are ideal for these high requirements thanks to up to 400 million bending cycles on the tightest radius.
Pick-&-place applications
Semiconductor industry In the semiconductor industry, laminated flat cables meet the demanding requirements for products such as diodes, transistors, thyristors or light-emitting diodes.
Semiconductor industry
Military Military applications are demanding: reliable operation in confined spaces and under adverse conditions must be guaranteed. Our laminated flat cables have the necessary properties for this, such as high mechanical resistance.
Aerospace Extreme temperature ranges and demanding data packages: Laminated flat cables made a valuable contribution to aerospace applications because of their robust processing and versatile applications.

Different temperature ranges

Depending on the configuration, our laminated flat cables are suitable for an extremely wide temperature range. For solutions tailored to your needs, we also develop cables for you that cover less extreme conditions. This way, you always get the ideal product for your individual application.

-200°C up to ≫200°C
-100°C up to +200°C
-25°C up to +70°C

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