Miniature cables - Designed to meet the highest demands in the smallest possible space

Miniaturkabel auf Nähnadel

In robots or in the diagnostics of modern medical technology - for many applications technology is used in the tightest of spaces. miniature cables have to fulfil the highest demands. The small cables must not only be powerful and transmit various data accurately, they must also be mechanically robust. Ernst & Engbring is a specialized manufacturer that develops and produces application-specific miniature cables up to AWG 56 (conductor diameter 0.0124 mm).

Miniature cables for demanding applications

The core sectors of miniature cables include micro robotics and medical technology. Both industries place the highest demands on cable technology. In robotics, for example, complex data must be transmitted. In addition, the cables must reliably withstand high mechanical stress due to the high number of bending- and torsion cycles. In the field of medical technology, similar requirements apply with regard to reliability and data transmission. But there are also aspects such as sufficient shielding to rule out further risks.

Controlled climatic conditions for miniature cables

Miniature cables must be processed precisely, since even the smallest production errors in the above-mentioned user industries can have serious consequences. This is why we at Ernst & Engbring rely on both experienced employees and state-of-the-art technology for the production of our miniature cables. Our specially trained personnel produce exclusively under special production and controlled climatic conditions. These exclude material impairments due to temperature and humidity as well as a number of other unwanted environmental influences.

Modern production & innovative materials for miniature cables

Our miniature cables are manufactured using both innovative production methods with machines specially developed and manufactured in-house as well as special, high-performance materials. The latter in particular ensure that our solutions have optimum EMC properties despite miniaturization. In addition, they meet important requirements such as achieving specific shielding without impairing the desired flexibility of the cables.
Please refer to our technical article on Hybrid cables and miniature cables in medical technology.


  • Medical and Healthcare Technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics/Robots
  • Measurement and Control Technology
  • Imaging Systems/Cameras
  • Special Applications
  • Automotive Industry

Customer benefits

  • Down to AWG 56, coaxial cables as small as AWG 46 (Ø of conductor 0.0399 mm)
  • Low microphonic effects
  • Also available as a hybrid design
  • High-strength special alloys
  • Shields with high tensile strength resistant to buckling
  • Reverse bending and/or torsion-proof
  • Highly-flexible
  • Optimized EMC-characteristics
  • Spiralized or plug-and-play
  • Available in very small batches

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