Test Laboratory and Quality Management

All cables and cable systems manufactured by E&E Kabeltechnik are subject to strict quality controls. The cables have to pass through various test procedures and quality assurance measures and these can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements or application.

Customized Tests

You can rely on us if you need to test a product to a level well in excess of usual standards or if you want us to test your customized product. Our in-house electrical division and metal shop can build a machine to test almost every special cable.

Or, in short:
Competence and service from Ernst & Engbring

Our cables must do what they are supposed to do

E&E Kabeltechnik have a highly modern test area with a number of test rigs where all the standard mechanical and electrical tests can be carried out:
  • Shielding and microphonic tests
  • HF-Tests up to 20 GHz
  • Roller-bending test
  • Torsion test
  • Trailing chain
  • Flame test
  • Friction test
  • And every other test which you would like to have done