Worldwide Logistics

E&E Kabeltechnik are active internationally. As one of the leading cable manufacturers and systems suppliers we deliver our special cables and cable systems worldwide. As a member of the Dutch TKH Group and with over 60 years’ experience, we offer much more than "just” cables.

AEO – Authorized Economic Operator

Since October 2011, E&E Kabeltechnik have been a certified an "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO-C) and are therefore accepted as a reliable and trustworthy supplier for international trade and the movement of goods.

You can also benefit from our flexible stock and logistics solutions

  • Organization and management of customized framework contracts and/or consignment stocks
  • Customized warehousing
  • Customized packaging and shipment

Customer benefits

  • A single-stop shop
  • Time and cost optimization
  • Just-in-Time delivery
  • Avoidance of supply shortages
  • Competitive advantages due to framework contracts with defined partial deliveries