Robotics Cables and High-Flex Cables – manufactured ready to install


E&E Kabeltechnik develop and produce customized special cables and plug-and-play assemblies for a wide range of robotics applications. These cables are capable of withstanding high stress levels.

For all data transfer technologies

As your systems supplier we can produce cables for data transfer for all BUS technologies, including GigaStar and Apix applications. You profit from our proven production.

Hybrid cables make for easier installation

In our robotics hybrid cables we can combine components in a way in which it is not possible with standard cables. Quicker installation and the avoidance of cable clutter mean that you can save time and costs.

Plug-and-Play Cable Systems

Almost all E&E Kabeltechnik cables are also available as plug-and-play assemblies. Your advantage: you get everything from a single source.


  • Medical and Healthcare Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Data Communication for Imaging Systems
  • Automotive

Customer benefits

  • Bending-resistant
  • Torsion-proof
  • Can take high mechanical loads
  • Specific shielding possible
  • Robust and/or flexible
  • Tested and certified
  • Long transmission length
  • Harnessed
  • Spiralized
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals
  • Welding spatter resistant

Do you have any questions? Our developers and engineers will work with you to find the right cable solution for your application. Please get in touch with us!